The USA, part4 Road trippin' from New Mexico till Yellowstone

From Trinidad, Colorado we take the 87 what brings us into the state of New Mexico and our first stop is a little town called Raton where this beautiful memorial catches my attention. As we all know the US has a big history with wars and the longest o…

The USA, Part3 Colorado

Where Passion and Love come together


All good things come to an end, we are going back to Europe for more adventures in our journey through life and so selling our beloved home on wheels.

Kaslo Manor Lodge

Paradise in the Kootenays, Canada For bookings :

The USA, Part2 Utah

Welcomes You! The sign is clear, we are in Utah,well known for the home to some of the most spectacular and unique natural formations in the country and that is why we are here for.

The USA, Part1 Arizona

Fly Big! ‘So here we are in a special place, what are you gone do?’ The Waterboys are telling us what to do it seems like, we just drove into Arizona and the border crossing happened in a heart beat. ‘Can I have your passports please?’ She asked, with a big smile on her round face while her name tag said: Martha Rodriguez, you wonder where all the bullshit comes from Mr Trump while your immigration officers have a heritage name that comes from the other side where you want to build a wall around. Anyway the other guy comes back with our passports and tells us we’re good to go, ‘ You have 2 years to come in and out the USA since ESTA give you 2’. ‘So I can stay 2 years in the USA?’ I ask, ‘No 90 days and than you have to leave’, me trying to be smart ‘ but I can go back for one day to Mexico and than come back in, right?’ ‘No! That is not the way it works!’ and he walks away. Anyway, we just drove in the USA with a 7 year expired California license plate on the truck, we love it! Arizona Home of The Grand Canyon here we come!


Think Big!

A road trip through Central America Seeking for great people

From Arenal, Costa Rica till Arizona, USA in a couple of weeks, well we have never done that before, 4700km something roughly calculated on Google Maps. Why? And how? Are the next questions. Honestly we had enough of living, working, traveling in the Latin American continent, it was time for something new and also time to figure out our next step in terms of work. How? Driving, driving and driving but also meeting people on the way that we really wanted to meet so this is more about people than about views etc. Call it 'A road trip through Central America seeking for great people!'

Copán Ruinas

The Maya civilization in black and white

Costa Rica Part 2

A double fantasy

We need to say it, Costa Rica is beautiful very beautiful and the nature is full of surprises but what became one of our favorite places was Lake Arenal, it has everything and anything for anybody who loves the nature so no surprise that we ended up around the lake and his surrounding for a couple of weeks.

La Mansion Inn Arenal Lake Hotel

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